About .

Born into an English family, Alexis first grew up in London, before moving to France with her parents and brother when she turned eight. 

She grew up in a highly creative environment, her artist & set designer father and picture restorer mother encouraging her to express her emotions via multi-disciplinary arts, travel & culture. 

Passionate about style and aesthetics, Alexis pursued her education at Studio Berçot fashion school in Paris. She started her career within the luxury press & communication world before moving onto trade & design.

Twenty years of professional experience, hindsight and data gathering later have enabled Alexis to launch her very own consultancy bureau with only one objective in mind : to place her expertise at the service of meaningful projects and conscious brands.

Creative Consultancy .

Our approach is intuitive, strategic and holistic. Our mission is to shed light on our clients potentials, to enable them to clarify their values and develop their vision in order to build strong foundations for the future. We accompany brands in the development of their creative thinking, communication strategy and approach to customer connection. 

Our services range from art direction, brand identity, content strategy, image sourcing, eng|fr editorial content, visual content, events design, art & talent curation. 

Together, hand in hand with our clients, we co-create meaningful stories that will have a sustainable & positive impact on the greater good.

Curation .

Our bureau specialises in Style, Art, Beauty & Wellness. We carefully select the projects we choose to work on or promote. Each of our partnerships share mutual values of quality, integrity, responsibility, solidarity & equality.

Female voices .

Alexis Tuersley Creative Consultancy seeks to amplify female entrepreneur, artist, and artisan voices. 

We have the desire to promote multidisciplinary projects that emerge at the intersection of creativity, wellbeing & culture. Projects buoyed by women prepared to enlighten us with their consciousness and magical thinking. Women that inspire us with their past, their present and their visions for the future

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